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Captain Cartoon is an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and entertainer serving Vero Beach, Miami, West Palm Beach and cities throughout South Florida.

Learn to Draw Faces

Back when the Captain was 7 years old, a visiting art teacher gave him a drawing lesson that would change his life: "The eyes go in the middle of the head."
how many people draw faces, with the eyes way on top
ABOVE: How most kids (and some adults) draw. Eyes are shown at the very top.
this face looks a bit better with the eyes drawn in the middle
DRAW THE EYES in the middle of the head -- and your picture looks better already! See more in the right column of this page.

Duffys customer drew the captain, as shown in this portrait
Dueffy's patron actually sat in the Captain's chair and drew this portrait of the Florida caricaturist.

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Below are more "polished" faces -- and with just a little practice YOU can draw these too!
Captain Cartoon's Virtual Sketch Pad will let you practice these drawing lessons right here!

draw guidelines in oval to draw face

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"South Florida's Most Colorful Caricature Artist"

Captain Cartoon 10-minute
Learn-To-Draw Page

This "learn to draw" page provides simple yet powerful lessons toward establishing proper foundation for future artists and cartoonists.
Along with future lessons and insights into cartooning and syndication, the Captain will soon be providing links for many drawing lesson sites and videos now on the web.

Captain Cartoon's Virtual Sketch Pad
Sketch with a very light color, then draw over it with a darker color, just like the example in the right column. Be careful, the circle with the line through it will clear everything you've drawn, so don't click it unless you want to start completely over!

How to draw figures and heroes
start with stick figure to draw body

DRAWING GHOST STORY CLUB'S ZACK: Start out with a simple stick figure showing the pose you want to draw. Draw the body shape around the stick figure, then, finish it up. make sure the stick figure is light enough to erase.

learn to draw a super hero

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