Ivana's drawing looks remarkably like Captain Cartoon! Note the accuracy of the eyes.

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'When Santa brought me a Jon Nagy Learn-To-Draw kit for Christmas back in 1966, my life changed forever.'
--Captain Cartoon
Aaliyah did a great job -- especially wih the hat!
This birthday party turned into a fun-filled cartoon lesson.
'My huge white drawing board with all that free space, and boxes of colorful markers, seem to inspire kids to want to draw...now!'
--Captain Cartoon
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Captain Cartoon's Kids Art Page
Kids are drawing their own pix of Captain Cartoon -- and not many caricaturists can say that! Here are some sample " Kids' Captain Cartoon Caricatures"

Frank's love for detail shows in this drawing. Captain Cartoon looks more like a boy scout, but that's OK.

drawing of captain cartoon
Cody snagged an official Captain Cartoon caricature sheet -- and a few markers -- while the Captain wasn't looking! Great eye for detail, especially in the hat's logo!


Little Julia brought this nifty drawing into Duffy's Grill. The Captain's guess is she's 6 years old (and please correct us if we're wrong). But what a remarkable job! Defined lines, good symmetry and balance says this little girl is a real artist!

drawing of captain cartoon
Exaggeration shows in this child's unsigned caricature of the Captain -- which also depicts his large white drawing board. Captain Cartoon now uses an easel, but keeps the drawing board on hand "just in case."