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How to Turn Your Caricature Into a Greeting Card!

greeting card featuring caricatures There's lots you can do with a Captain Cartoon™ caricature! You can frame it, print it, and even turn it into a greeting card!

1. Scan the drawing into your computer. Use a home scanner or a good digital camera that uploads into your machine. OR, take it to a friend or a Kinko's and ask them to scan it and email it back to you.

2. Go to, type "greeting cards" in the "search product" box, and check out the different stocks. Then, go to the template area and download one that matches the stock number you picked.

3. Paper! Order it from Avery online, or go to office supply stores like Office Max, Staples and Office Depot. They carry Avery-brand stock that match the templates you downloaded. AND, they come with envelopes!

Using Microsoft Word, you can resize your image, add words, and print. Imagine the look on Grandma's face when she sees YOUR caricature on her holiday card! If you simply want to print full-size copies, just buy Wausau Bright White 65# card stock (8.5 x 11) and print!

pirate cartoonThis week's 'Captain Cartoon'

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Sneak Preview: DYNOSOARS™


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captain cartoon coloring bookLearn to Draw Lesson, Virtual Sketch Pad, Coloring Pages, Comics & More!

The Captain's Cartoon Chest features
coloring pages from Captain Cartoon's

famed coloring book, which he distributed
at parties and events.

Comic Strips, Kids' Caricatures of the Captain — & fun features are here for you to enjoy!

Click on images for a full-size downloadable and printable coloring page, or download our new 12-page coloring book

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learn to draw faces

Here are some quick and easy-to-remember tips on how to draw basic faces and figures -- just like Captain Cartoon!

NEW: Captain Cartoon's Virtual Sketch Pad!

COMING SOON: How to draw monsters!

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Tables are turned on the colorful South Florida Caricature Artist as kids turn the tables and draw their own caricatures of the Captain.

Some interesting images — and some great artists here!


Check out the Captain's Ghost Story Club!
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gang buster super heroNew Anti-Gang Comic Book Teaches Kids to Avoid Gangs

Here's a fun, informative yet educational comic book which illustrates why gang activity is bad for them! Featuring Captain Cartoon's colorful super hero "Gangbuster", this 8-page full color comic book is currently being distributed by police agencies in three states. DOWNLOAD it here.
Learn more about this incredible anti-gang program by visiting Gangbuster's website!

Model kits — A fun way to enhance your brainpower

As a boy Captain Cartoon loved to build model airplanes! This meant reading and following instructions, as well as fine-tuning construction and painting techniques.

And when he was done, the model plane lasted forever! Check out great model kits at the Lindberg Models website, which features boats, UFOs, Planes — and even human bodies!
Photo shows models adorning restaurant ceiling.

FREE CLIP ART by Captain Cartoon

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